Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spring Bloom Point Lobos

                                            Spring Bloom, Point Lobos          40 x 48 inches

Here is a recent painting of the poppies that have been blooming at point lobos over the last couple of months. I spent a number of days painting field studies out there, and this is the large studio work that came from those studies.

at this point in the painting i decided the foreground needed
to be reorganized, eliminating the bushes in the 
extreme foreground so the viewers eye entered the painting 
from the right side of the canvas
more editing and adjusting shapes and values and 
temperatures of the grass and poppies
 the finished painting is at the top

                              thanks to my good friend Brent Bear for taking these pics at point lobos


  1. Beautiful Jesse! Came here from the Raymar site - congrats... lots of feeling in these pieces and I enjoyed the step by step of the poppies!

  2. Gorgeous colors and fabulous execution , really love this, and thanks for showing some steps, always a treat !