Monday, April 11, 2011

california Art Club Gold Medal Show open until april24

The California Art Club's 100th annual Gold Medal exhibition openend last weekend. Such a fun evening with lots of great work! The show is held at the Pasasdena Museum of California Art and will be on view until april 24, 2011. Visit their website  for directions and info on the show.

I was honored to receive the Irvine Museum Award for my painting "Cypress and Fog, Point Lobos". Given by Jean Stern, the Director of the Irvine Museum, this award was given to painting in the show that best represents the traditional California impressionist collection of the Irvine Museum.

Here is a photo of the field study that was the inspiration for the larger work in the show.

Study for Cypress and Fog, Point Lobos   
10x12 inches oil on linen 

Cypress and Fog, Point Lobos
30x36 inches oil on linen

With Jean Stern (director of the Irvine Museum), Peter Adams (president of the California 
Art Club) and David Gallup ( Vice President) at the show


  1. Bravo !
    Ces arbres sont vivants , on s'attend à voir les branches remuer au vent !

  2. It looks just wonderful. Thanks a lot for sharing these details here. I am also going to attend a gallery show on this weekend at the local event space Chicago and I hope that it will also be inspirational.